Tribal Woman

Tribal Woman:
A Tantric Shamanic Jurney

What is Tribal Woman online experience? 

Is a unique program in its existence, through tantra and shamanism we will start a journey to connect with your tribal woman essence, who is a joyfully, aware, and full of energy woman, living rhythmically intune with nature harmony, even if she lives in an urban environment.

This is an opportunity to expand your inner potential as a woman and remind yourself about the fragrance of your being.

This course has been designed for this experience to bring and develop:

  • Beauty and connection with nature´s rhythms in your daily life.
  • Appreciation at woman´s values such as; sensitivity, vulnerability, intuition, vision, sensuality, energetic and wild power.
  • Balance productivity and stillness time in order to expand a higher level of love and consciousness.

How we will do this?

The Program: through the elements shamanic journey, (earth, water, fire, air, ether and multidimensional perception), and the tantra wisdom for women, you will embrace and take the nectar of the source of life. We have developed 4 live masterclasses distributing in 2 months, starting on March 2021 (Masterclasses will be recorded, so you won´t miss anything).
  • Masterclass 1: Earth my body, the power of my roots and my instincts
  • Masterclass 2: Water my blood, the moon´s cycles and emotional fluidity
  • Masterclass 3: Fire my spirit, realising what it is holding you back and balancing productivity with stillness
  • Masterclass 4: Air my breath, embracing a rejoicing heart, the drum love rhythm
This program presents the possibility of continuing to develop it in 4 masterclasses.
  • Masterclass 5: Tantra and urban shamanism for the 21st-century woman
  • Masterclass 6: Ether, I have a voice to create and manifest
  • Masterclass 7: Multidimensional perception; living though my intuition and listening to the silent
  • Masterclass 8: Living orgasmically and grateful in my daily life.

Masterclasses Dates:

Soon we will announce the dates of the next Webinars.

You habe two ways to be part of this program

  • Accessing to 4 Webinars that includes: the first two modules developed 4 live masterclasses and a in-deep follow-up program.
  • Accessing to 8 Webinars that includes: the four modules developed 8 live masterclasses and a sympathetic follow-up program.


        Tribal Woman, 4 group classes 190 / Tribal Woman 8 group classes 350€                           (2 hours each, maximum 30 participants)       

  4 Tribal Woman individual sessions 360€ / 8 Tribal Woman individual sessions 590€                            (2 hours each)

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“In this retreat, I felt so empowered and nurtured, gently yet powerfully supported to embody my feminine power and ecstacy with just enough 'On the edge-ness' to take me to new territories while still feeling very held... Unveiling many layers of resistance and conditioning along the way, which needed to be brought to the light. It was so blissful to spend time in nature and ceremony with women I felt so deeply safe with. I feel I came away knowing what being a woman is on a much deeper level, and with practices and perspectives I can use in my daily life (which I have been doing). I felt constantly captivated by the varied and fascinating content of the teachings and was blown away by the wisdom and love of Ranjana and Tarisha, who were so honest and open as well as knowledgeable. The musical element Tarisha brings was a distinctively delicious flavour added to an already very nourishing brew. It's utterly unlike anything I've experienced before... I will be back for more!”
- Morgan Nichols
London, UK