About Ranjana

Creator of Tantra Shamanic Essence, Tantric Tribal Woman Project, and Living Meditation Center. Co-founder of Centro Activo Meditation Center in Chile. Part of Tantra Essence Facilitators Team ( Kaula).

Ranjana works as a psychotherapist, as well as Tantra counsellor and  self-development facilitator for both individuals and groups.

My Story

From an early age, I felt a longing to experience life in all its dimensions, where everything is included as ONE, instead of split off from experience. In 1988, I learned about Osho´s Active Meditations and began practising them. Meditation transformed my life, bringing in greater sensitivity, expansion and love. 

During this time, I also began neo-shamanism training in the Andes Mountains where I experienced a deep connection with nature. Also, I have been living The Tantra Path since 2010, where I found unity and sacredness.

After experiencing these different approaches for more than 20 years, I was inspired to bring together the Asian traditions, Tantra, meditation and the native cosmos-vision in such a way where life, love, death, and cycles of nature are living as one into the Great Spirit. In my workshops, I aim to integrate them into the way we live our daily lives, even in urban environments.

Currently, I am living and sharing a new and fresh vision of human potential by offering workshops all over the world, from  North, Central and South America, to Spain, France, India and The UK for the past 18 years.

Along my journey, I met diverse mentors, and have been trained or certified in:

  • Tantra Essence, by Sarita a world renowned Tantra Mentor , The UK
  • Vigya Bhairav Tantra, University of Integrated Science of California
  • Tantra Consciousness, by Homa and Mukto, Brasil
  • Family Constellations, Centro Tara, Murcia, Spain
  • Family Constellations, Universidad Centra, Santiago, Chile
  • Osho Mystic Rose TM, in Multiversity at OIMR, India
  • Osho No Mind TM, in Multiversity at OIMR, India
  • The Andes Mountain Lineage in Condor Blanco, Chile
  • Trauma Healing, Somatic Experience  Peter Levin Method, USA
  • Breathwork, with Peter and Diane Delong California USA
  • Life Coach, Integrated Coaching Institute USA
  • Aura-Soma Colour Therapy in The International Academy of Colour Therapy
  • Psychology UNED Santiago, Chile
  • Marketing & Advertising, Universidad de Santiago, Chile

"My experience with Ranjana was powerful, the Tantra workshop raised my awareness to the feminine energy which is within me. I felt energized, confident and had a lot of fun! It was easy to dive into it and let go. Ranjana is a great teacher, caring and passionate. I recommend this workshop to everyone. Thank you! "
- Myriam Zouaki
from France