Tantric Tribal Woman Retreat Level I

Tantric Tribal Woman Retreat Level I :
Living your Natural Woman

This Retreat was inspired by the Native Cosmo-vision of The Kultrun, The Sacred Andes Drum playing by The Machi, a Sacred Healer Woman.
Kultrum depicts the womb of women and the integration of indigenes cosmos-vision where cycle of life, elements and, universe become one.

What will we do?

  • Re-connect with the cycle of your body as a Temple of Nature
  • Receive The Kultrun Transmission, The Womb Power.
  • Learn how to manifest what you want in your life from the heart; ‘I am ready to receive what I longing for’
  • Unlock your life force by releasing repression and shame stored in your body
  • Become innocent again in your beauty, sensuality and sexuality
  • The Tantra Map for Women; instinct, intimacy, intuition and integration
  • Build a Mapuche Flag, symbolising The Tribal Woman you are
  • Spend a lot of time in nature receiving support and guidance from The 4

How we will do this?

  • Participate in a Sacred Sweat Lodge, The Universal Womb
  • Tribal draws
  • The Sacrum Massage
  • Be in a beautiful environment of The Nature
  • Create your Totem Flag
  • Tribal Dance and sharings
  • Inspirational processes for enhancing creativity
  • A wild Tribal Tantric Celebration.

What will you get from THIS?

  • Self-confidence, love and respect
  • Embrace your Dignity (In-diginas)
  • Tools to be used in your daily life
  • Tribal support
  • Healing of negative imprinting about being a woman
  • Taking the female ancestors strength to empower us in our present life
  • Increase  your sensitivity and creativity as part of the unique gifts of being a woman


“In this retreat, I felt so empowered and nurtured, gently yet powerfully supported to embody my feminine power and ecstacy with just enough 'On the edge-ness' to take me to new territories while still feeling very held... Unveiling many layers of resistance and conditioning along the way, which needed to be brought to the light. It was so blissful to spend time in nature and ceremony with women I felt so deeply safe with. I feel I came away knowing what being a woman is on a much deeper level, and with practices and perspectives I can use in my daily life (which I have been doing). I felt constantly captivated by the varied and fascinating content of the teachings and was blown away by the wisdom and love of Ranjana and Tarisha, who were so honest and open as well as knowledgeable. The musical element Tarisha brings was a distinctively delicious flavour added to an already very nourishing brew. It's utterly unlike anything I've experienced before... I will be back for more!”
- Morgan Nichols
London, UK