Tantra Shamanic Essence

4 online live webinars, The journey is through a Rites of Passages to bring awareness, love, and presence through the integration of the cycle of life.

We integrate The Cycle of Life through the Rites of Passage, as many ancestral cultures have experienced. In our contemporary society, we lost our way to being holistic and living in harmony with nature. We learn how to incorporate this ancestral wisdom into our daily lives and relationships, through practices and by developing the capacity to be aware of our own presence. We explore the Cycle of Life in order to heal inner wounds, by embracing self-love, reconnecting with the source of life, learning to trust in our instincts and intuition, and living joyfully, gratefully in an essential presence.

  • The Cosmic Love, when the sky kisses the earth. This class is aiming to connect with the conception instants, through the union of one sperm and ovule, life was possible in you. Through a regression, you will transform any negative imprints, and bring back the big bang explosion, which is pure energy and cosmic love that creates life and manifest in different forms.
  • The Power of sexual awakening, when you become The God and Goddess of Creation. When you have your first blood or your first ejaculation life is possible through you. In many ancestral
    cultures, this special moment was celebrated. This class is to honouring cycles of life, through a ritual followed by a self-yoni or self-lingam lingam massage to bring respect, love, empowerment, and dignity to the source of life.
  • Elements breathing, aliveness into your life force. You will embrace the elements in your body, and the four directions within. In this encounter, your adulthood will be seen and honored, Through the elements of breath-work, followed by the ancestral knowledge about Sacred Sexuality and Love.
  • The Wise Eagle and Cóndor, Returning to The Cosmo. This class is to embrace the connection between life and light through love. Practicing a beautiful meditation, called from birth to death just love is, your attachment, and ego will be burned in the fire of love, to emerge flying with a vast vision, the eagle vision from the sky.

4 online live encounters

  • October 5th  and 19th, from 19:00 to 21:30 UK 
  • November 9th. and 23rd, from 19:00 to 21:30 UK 


4 online encounters, accessed for three months. Tantra Counseling session (45mns) with Ranjana is included,

190 pounds