Tantra Shamanic Essence Retreat and Training

We integrate The Cycle of Life through a Rite of Passage ritual, the same way as many ancestral cultures have experienced. In our contemporary society we lost our way to being holistic and living in harmony with nature. We learn how to incorporate this ancestral wisdom into our daily lives and relationships, through daily practices and by developing the capacity to be aware of our own presence in our bodies. We explore the Cycle of Life in order to heal inner wounds, by embracing self-love, re-connecting with the source of life, learning to trust again in our instincts and intuition and living joyfully, gratefully and into an essential presence.

We integrate in a sequence of five levels the following cycle of life:

  • Rite of Passage; The Full Moon conception and Childhood / Birth
  • Rite of Passage; The God and Goddess of creation / teenager first blood and ejaculation
  • Rite Of Passage: The Sun and Moon within  / Love, making love and commitment / Adult
  • Rite of Passage: The Wise Eagle & The Wise Cóndor,  menopause for women and men
  • Rite of Passage; Return to The Cosmo: From birth to death in between Love

The program will include:

  • Tribal opening ceremony
  • Daily meditations and silent
  • Somatic Experiencingtd Trauma healling
  • Sharing circles
  • Breath-work
  • Experiencing The Four Elements into Nature
  • Connection with The Power of vulnerability
  • Self-connection and connection with others, Intimacy
  • Learning to trust and listening again your instinct and intuition
  • Tribal Sacred Fire Ceremony with The Chanupa (The Sacred Pipi)
  • The Moon and Sun Sacred Sweat Lodge
  • Tribal Celebration, dancing your life
  • Tribal closing ceremony

"I experienced two workshops with Ranjana together with my partner and we absolutely loved them! A sense of deep connectedness within the group took place in a matter of minutes, which brought along an experience of 'belonging' & reconnection to oneself and to an ancestral field, to humanity, to the universe. I felt held in a wider field beyond human capacity in which all layers of defence fell off where we can relate to one another from our pure hearts, open and already whole, connected with our powerful deeper centre filled with life force. This first workshop supported my sense of Inner Union with Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects within myself - a prerequisite for the full experience of Sacred Union of lovers."
- Martha Egger, Craniosacral Therapist and Facilitator of Sacred Union Alchemy™
London, UK