Tantra Shamanic Essence Retreat and Training

We integrate The Cycle of Life through a Rite of Passage ritual, the same way as many ancestral cultures have experienced. In our contemporary society we lost our way to being holistic and living in harmony with nature. We learn how to incorporate this ancestral wisdom into our daily lives and relationships, through daily practices and by developing the capacity to be aware of our own presence in our bodies. We explore the Cycle of Life in order to heal inner wounds, by embracing self-love, re-connecting with the source of life, learning to trust again in our instincts and intuition and living joyfully, gratefully and into an essential presence.

in a sequence of five levels We integrate the following cycle of life:

  • Rite of Passage; The Full Moon conception and Childhood / Birth
  • Rite of Passage; The God and Goddess of creation / teenager first blood and ejaculation
  • Rite Of Passage: The Sun and Moon within  / Love, making love and commitment / Adult
  • Rite of Passage: The Wise Eagle & The Wise Cóndor,  menopause for women and men
  • Rite of Passage; Return to The Cosmo: From birth to death in between Love

What will we do?


Rite of Passage workshop 1; The Rite of Passage, Hanan Pacha (Sky) Pacha Mama (Earth), living a new dawn conception and Childhood / Birth.

We will celebrate and recreate a new conception. Honouring our rebirth in the eight directions, four winds, and four sessions of nature. Sometimes, people make love and conceive a new life unconsciously. Maybe, using alcohol or drugs while they are making love, plus moral condemnations imprinted relating to sensuality, sexuality, pleaser and bond connection in love and relationships. All these emotions and thoughts affect the foetus into the womb.

Also, giving birth is usually a painful process in a hospital where the mother and the baby are not taken care of properly. Of course, It is an efficient medical technical process, nevertheless, in many cases it is missing warmth and support by the tribe, and awakening love and nature around them in order to receive and celebrate this new being into our planet.

Rite of Passage Workshop 2; The God and Goddess of creation/teenager, first blood and ejaculation

The child is left behind when his first ejaculation or her first blood happened In this moment, They become Adolescents, The God and The Goddess of creation due to Life can be transmitted through them. In this Rite of passage, you will reconnect with this moment in order to embrace without shame or insecurities the life force of this Sacred Experience.

Rite Of Passage workshop 3: The Sun and Moon within. Love, making love, commitment and adulthood

We have not been taught how to make love. We receive information through wrong sources such as pornography or sexual education techniques, where often it does not connect sex, love and consciousness. Or sometimes, because of past disappointments, ancient blocks or traumas, we close ourselves to love and to be loved, we forget the feeling of expansion and immense joy that only sexuality lived with love can give. There is a beautiful ceremony in Los Andes, called Munanakuy that teaches the Dance of two Snakes, before making love and merging in the loving spirit of your beloved. Through this ceremony, you experience intimacy and joy in a safe environment.

Rite of Passage Workshop 4: The Wise Eagle & The Wise Cóndor

The young adult is left behind when we mature and grow into wisdom. If we have lived superficially, there will be a denial or rejection of this phase. However, if you have lived joyfully, this stage is rich in energy, wisdom to share your talents and gives the joy of a heart aligned with; mind, body and spirit.

Rite of Passage workshop 5; Return to The Cosmos: From birth to death, in between Love

We are not born with our birth, and we are not going to die with our death. Neither birth nor death… our essence is eternal. Beginning-less, endless. Births and deaths have happened a thousand-and-one times, they are just episodes, very small things compared to our eternity.

Whenever anybody finds this eternity, it starts transforming him. He becomes a new man in the sense that his vision is clear. He does not belong to any crowd, he cannot be a Christian or a Hindu or a Mohammedan; because he knows in his innermost core that we are all part of one existence. (Osho: Dogen, the Zen Master: A Search and a Fulfillment, Ch 4)

What will we do in Level I and II?

  • Participate in a Sacred Sweat Lodge, The Universal Womb ( Retreat level II)
  • Level I, we experience three rites of passage integrating; conception – birth – teenager and adult faces of life.
  • Experience The Sun Tantra Map
  • Experience The Moon Tantra Map
  • Embracing The 4 stars of Kultrun (the Sacred Drump)
  • The Elements Massage (earth my body, water my blood, air my breath and fire my Sprit)
  • Be in a beautiful environment of Nature
  • Connect with our Totems. Women and Men power
  • Connect with our partner´s totems
  • Breathe the spirit of life
  • Live Mahamudhra State of Counsciussnes
  • Learn Munanakuy , in the Ancestral Andean Culture, to make love is to make a ceremony called Munanakuy to enter inside of the spirit of the other.
  • Tribal Dance and sharings
  • Inspirational processes for enhancing creativity
  • A Wild Tribal Tantric Celebration.

What will you get from this?

  • Living Tantra in our daily life
  • Living the courage to be in our heart, recovering gently trust in our heart.
  • Listening and trust our instinct and intuition.
  • Healing of negative imprints or experiences regarding sexuality, sensuality, relationships and what means to love and to be loved by another. (love is not emotions)
  • Taking the female and male ancestors strength in order to be used in our present life
  • Relaxation into Presence
  • To be Present in your relations
  • To embrace more vital energy and increase sensitivity and creativity as part of gifts as a human being.
  • Embrace our dignity and self-respect
  • To get tools to be used in your daily life to be connected with yourself, our beloveds’ ones and nature.
  • Tribal support
  • Gain experiences and knowledge to take care of ourselves, our children, partners and our tribe.


The program will include:

  • Tribal opening ceremony
  • Daily meditations and silence
  • Somatic Experiencing and Trauma healling
  • Sharing circles
  • Breath-work
  • Experiencing The Four Elements of Nature
  • Connection with The Power of vulnerability
  • Self-connection and connection with others, Intimacy
  • Learning to trust and listening again to our instinct and intuition
  • Tribal Sacred Fire Ceremony with The Chanupa (The Sacred Pipi)
  • The Moon and Sun Sacred Sweat Lodge
  • Tribal Celebration, dancing our lives
  • Tribal closing ceremony

"I experienced two workshops with Ranjana together with my partner and we absolutely loved them! A sense of deep connectedness within the group took place in a matter of minutes, which brought along an experience of 'belonging' & reconnection to oneself and to an ancestral field, to humanity, to the universe. I felt held in a wider field beyond human capacity in which all layers of defence fell off where we can relate to one another from our pure hearts, open and already whole, connected with our powerful deeper centre filled with life force. This first workshop supported my sense of Inner Union with Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects within myself - a prerequisite for the full experience of Sacred Union of lovers."
- Martha Egger, Craniosacral Therapist and Facilitator of Sacred Union Alchemy™
London, UK