In nature, all is one.
Live your free, natural spirit
and discover unity of
body, mind, heart and soul

When Tantra is inspired by the natural order, we become innocent in our body-soul and feeling-mind, dropping the negative imprints we carry due to past conditioning. Negative imprints which have been affecting our behaviours and how we relate with ourselves and others.

It is here that the Power of Nature releases our spirit, allowing us to reclaim the native cosmo-vision to live freely, alive and with dignity, as many Tribes were and are still living today.

In Tantra Shamanic Essence we explore the cycle of life in order to heal inner wounds, by embracing self-love and re-connecting with the source of life. We then learn how to trust again in our instincts and intuition, and to live joyfully, gratefully and in an essential presence.

We will re-connect with the 5 cycles of life and experience the presence of the four elements in a natural environment where nature blesses us with its presence and the healing power of love, meditation, joy and compassion.

Next online Event

2023, Jan - August

Tantric tribal Woman training

3 modules